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Welcome to Rong Viet

The management team and founder of Rong Viet are fully committed to create the next project of the Century, the largest Dragon structure on Earth. With the creation of this architectural masterpiece, we aspire for Rong Viet to become the top leading tourist attraction in South East Asia and one of the most significant structures on the world. Our website is designed to showcase the numerous unique elements being offered in the complex; interested individuals/companies are welcomed to contact our company under the "Contact Us" page.


Project Rong Viet

Rong Viet is an awe-inspiring representation of Vietnam's unique culture, people and future. As tourism, foreign investment and prosperity continue to rise, our vision is to create a dynamic hub of cultural activity open to a world of possibilities. ..


The Rong Viet complex is to be located in the beautiful and culture-rich city of Bac Ninh, 30km outside of Hanoi, in Northern Vietnam...

Company Objectives

Our mission is to become internationally acclaimed as the leading tourist attraction in South East Asia and as one of the most significant attractions in the world. Rong Viet's unique combination of aesthetics, engineering and location provides us with the amazing opportunity to contribute to the future success of Vietnam...